lessfest 2 - October 31st 2023

SVDDEN COOM • ZEROlav • ODISEE • Vyzer • Daddy Lacus • Figure? • bash explode • Meet Me At 8 • Phaze Zero • ixoknock • ben aka ben • The Gnome • Bob from IT • HS • Knubz • chodesquad
On October 31st, 2023, the viewers experienced the second and so far the most spookiest edition of the virtual music festival. The event was again livestreamed on twitch.tv/artyknots, this time including experimental integration with twitch where the chat could interact with the festival environment through twitch chat. This however resulted in unforeseen problems with the integration and caused several restarts and lag spikes. Despite this, hosted on a virtual stage crafted with Unreal Engine 5, the festival featured an impressive lineup of 16 diverse and talented artists who all performed their sets to an even more diverse audience, now boosted by a twitch raid from the world known international superstar Eliminate.