lessfest 3 - December 16th 2023

Bob From IT • Beans • ODIESE • HS • bash explode • chodesquad
On December 16th, 2023, viewers from around the globe tuned into the third lessfest, which was poised to be a Christmas Special, an event that blended the festive spirit of the holidays with the magic of VRChat. The festival, live-streamed on twitch.tv/artyknots, took a bold step by hosting on a virtual stage within VRChat. The VRChat world included stunning aurorae, ice, snow and festive elements such as christmas trees. This time the festival had a smaller lineup of 6 talented artists taking the viewers through a journey of their lifetimes. From soulful renditions of classic carols to tearout that killed everyone on the dance floor, the festival curated a musical journey that transcended physical boundaries. The artists, each performing in a unique avatar, delivered unforgettable performances that blew up the dancefloor.